August 18, 2016

Bleach and Sekeiri are about done

Bleach wrapped things up this week and I suspect Sekeiri is either done or has only a chapter or two left.

Bleach followed its tradition of getting more and more ridiculous with the powers that the opponents (and, in some cases, the heroes) had developed. Opponents that seem to have powers that are just perfect against each other square off. More rabbits in hats than you would think possible.

Over long battles that have little to no pay off. Trying to place each even semi-important cast member in their final battles resulting in no one getting enough focus, even while they all get too much time.

Finally, a resolution that left way too many questions, even if we stopped caring about them. The ships are pretty much in port, however.

There are many loose ends. far too many to go into here. They left things on a minor cliff hanger. I hope they do not pursue it.

Sekeiri also seems to be wrapping things up. This is a story that actually got more interesting as it went on.
The main team was the main team and things went along those lines. Three teams avoided the final battle in some way or another, meaning they also avoided having to fight their good friends.

It is a good ending so far. Let's see how long they drag it out.
There are two important points that may or may not be resolved:

Freezing may also be on its way towards a finale, but that series has gotten so convoluted it may not matter.

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